If My Kids Were Santa’s Reindeer

ย (Sung Mostly to the Tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)


If my kids were Santa’s reindeer,

Helping him deliver mirth,

They’d need a little practice,

Before taking trips ’round earth.

My oldest would be quite ready,

To lead the team o’er field and brooks,

But she might steer much better,

If she weren’t reading stacks of books.

My middle would help to tinker,

If something broke on Santa’s sleigh,

But he might need five reminders,

To know if left or right’s the way.

The youngest would be soย eager,

To run and jump and bring kids joy,

But he might pretend he’s batman,

Power punching all the toys.

They would argue on the way,

Over which one gets to lead,

And sneaking Santa’s cookies,

Their belly aches would slow their speed.

Santa might throw his hands up,

And say, stomping on the ground,

If you three cannot listen,

I will turn this sleigh around!

Yes they might be a bit late,

Dropping off their gifts world-wide,

But that means they’ll sleep for Mommy,

Snuggled up on Christmas night!








  1. This is a delightful Christmas poem, to be sure, but my attempts to sing it (however loosely) to the tune of the Rudolph song left me dazed and confused.

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