Friend Post Fridays

I have loved starting conversations with you all this past year!  I’m in awe of how often you’ve related to honest moments that seemed broken, vulnerable or unattractive.  It reminds me just how much we crave authentic, honest encounters with each other.  And while we’re so similar in many ways, I’m also seeing how each of us has a different perspective or lens to share with the world.  So lately I’ve had a new passion to open up opportunities for others (like YOU) to share their own honest stories and conversations.

My solution?  “Friend Post Fridays”!  For the next year, I’m trying a new experiment: Every fourth Friday of the month I’ll be debuting a guest blog post from someone like you.  I have a few friends already lined up, but am looking for some more blog posts as well!  I’m not putting a limit on theme or ideas this year- I’m just looking for an honest post dealing with something you have experienced personally or are passionate about sharing in 1000 words or less!  If you’re interested, please fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you!  I’d love to accommodate as many blog entries as possible.  Thank you so much for investing your time and starting a conversation with the rest of us.