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Gray Faith is my very first book, and it includes a study guide to work through on your own or in a group!  I’m excited to finally be able to share this with you, and encourage you to visit my Facebook Author page to get extra updates, and comment with your own stories as you journey through mine.

Thanks for your support and encouragement and may you meet God more fully in your own questions and the experiment of life.


FREE ONLINE STUDY IS HERE!  Click the links below for 8 weeks of free study questions and on your own experiments, as well as a brief video for each chapter.  Or follow on facebook: Carrye Burr- Author Page.  Hope you can join!!

Online Study Ch 1: Gray Beginnings

Online Study Ch 2: Gray Christian Culture

Online Study Ch 3: Gray Church

Online Study Ch 4: Gray Sin

Online Study Ch 5: Gray Evangelism


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 HOST A STUDY GIVEAWAY: I still have 4 free books to give away for those interested in leading a “Gray Faith” book study!  If interested, please just send me feedback here on my blog or at https://www.facebook.com/lesstobemore/ with your name and your idea for a study group!  (I promise I won’t bite!)

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Is your faith more like a script or an experiment? Knowing all the right words and actions might make us feel good at first, but does it have any power to change real life? Is it big enough for broken people, a deeper purpose, suffering and uncertainty?

What if all of the answers we know so well are keeping us from really experiencing the God we claim to follow?

“Gray Faith” is the story of the questions and struggles that taught one pastor’s daughter to trade in “good Christianity” for something messy but genuine. It’s an invitation to bring your own questions and imperfect stories and find that you aren’t alone.

It’s OK for faith to be a journey where we learn a little at a time and still make mistakes. It’s OK to ditch the script and find God in the questions.

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