Welcome to Less to be More…

Hi, my name is Carrye and I’m so glad you’re here.  One of the secret benefits of a bio page is that I can introduce myself without any hint of social awkwardness. (You’re welcome!)

I’m a extrovert pastor’s daughter who grew up and married an introvert architect.  (I’m the crazy dreamer, he’s the patient voice of reason.)   We have three kids, through birth and adoption, which will always be close to our hearts.  Parenting has shown me my weaknesses like nothing else could, but there’s a lot of love there! Here we are, beautiful imperfections and all!20160820_115348

What more?  (Do intros stress anyone else out?) I’m a type-1 diabetic which is a daily challenge.  But like most hard places in my life, it has brought me to deep dependence on God and pushes me to live a bit bigger.  Maybe you can relate?

Some of my favorite things are writing, singing, and talking with friends (bonus points if lattes are involved.)  I’m also learning guitar because I believe everyone should have a hobby that keeps them humble.

Somewhere through this journey I’ve encountered Jesus and I can’t shake Him.  I can’t imagine a day without His presence, and I’m daily learning to let Him show me a different way to live…a way that asks me to give up the world to find something better than the world could ever give.

I hope you stick around and find some encouragement and inspiration here.  Listen to my imperfect stories, and add your voice to the conversation by leaving a comment! Sharing our honest selves is one of the first ways we give up to find more.  Wherever you are, you’re not alone here- thanks for showing up!